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We work closely with some of the World's best equipment manufacturers.

Baron Blakeslee began building vapor degreasers in the 1940's and have continuously improved upon the design over the years. The company manufactures solvent recycling machines, inline semi-aqueous and aqueous cleaners, hoist systems, and convenient immersion solvent cleaning tanks that are compatible with all types of solvents.

In a recent merge with Serec, Baron Blakeslee now offers "vacuum degreasing equipment".   A closed vacuum degreaser is much different than the standard "open-top" vapor degreaser that you see in these photos.

Other designs include the Bi Solvent cleaner that provides a pre-cleaning immersion tank before a hot-vapor rinsing tank, and the Equinox cleaner that is compatible with the newest low boiling vapor degreasing solvents, such as Honeywell's Solstice PF.

Baron Blakeslee also offers a line of "immersion tanks" that work effectively at room-temperature with blended solvents from FloraChem .

The Baron-Blakeslee website provides very good photos, videos, schematics, and technical descriptions of the equipment available.
For More Information: questions, quotations, or other info, contact Rick Perkins at 512-426-5728.

The Baron-Blakeslee facility is located in Williamstown, West Virginia on the Ohio River. All degreasers are Made-to-Order from either a stock design, such as the M-Series, or from a Z-series design with a number of customer-specified process options. Customers can also connect their equipment to their company intranet for ease of process monitoring!

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