"We want to help all manufacturing companies to use the most efficient cleaning processes available"

Rick Perkins, President, Chem Logic
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Rick Perkins

We are a consultative Independent Manufacturer's Representative company providing clients with independent and ethical solutions to common chemical and manufacturing problems. We work throughout the America's, primarily covering the south Central United States, Texas, Mexico, and Central America, with limited coverage in Columbia, Argentina, Chile, and Brasil.

Our primary focus is on the cleaning of parts and contamination removal on surfaces.   We can assist in the most basic ways of simply providing qualified recommendations of new solvents and solvent blends, by helping customers to find new or refurbished equipment, and by developing detailed experiments and working through a step-by-step technical analysis. 

Chemical Logic Inc got its start in 1981 working in the research of secondary and tertiary oil field research included developing new Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors, and Biocides for deep wells.   Later, more than a decade of work in materials and processes development in the space and aerospace industries with Honeywell, NASA, and others, provided additional background.   Environmental work on the replacement of Ozone Depleting Solvents and working with the US EPA and the World Bank on Montreal Protocol assistance in 3rd World countries, pushed the technology development further.

Chem Logic was founded in 2009 as a stand-alone corporation providing one-on-one service to interested customers.  Contact Rick Perkins at rperkins@chemlogic.us or 1-512-426-5728.  Hablamos Espanol.

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